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Gradually, but steadily, Crown Feeds and Livestock Limited is pursuing its vision of becoming a leader in the poultry industry in Nigeria. Over ten years down the line, the milestones are there pointing to the fact that the farm is very close to hit its target.

And with the visionary leadership exemplified by the Board of Directors, as well as the commitment of the management staff, and dedication of the entire workforce, one feels happy that the huge investment in the farm since inception in 2003 has been a right step towards right direction.

It should be reiterated that Crown Feeds establishment is motivated primarily by the desire to contribute greatly to socio-economic growth of Nigeria. With the realization that Agriculture remains the major provider of employment, I did not hesitate to identity Poultry as a way of not only stimulating economic empowerment of Nigerians, but also boosting the nutritional value of our people, more so when there is wisdom in the adage that 'once you solve the problem of hunger, proverty is already confronted frontally.'

With massive human and material resources Nigeria is blessed with, there is no reason for us to be poor individually and as a nation. But the reality today is that poverty is staring us on the face from all directions - mentally, physiologically, psychologically and philosophically. This is because, the compass of healthy, prosperous living and multi-dimensional advancement, which I strongly believe is Agriculture, has been neglected for a very long time.

Now that we are retracting our steps with the on-going efforts by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Agriculture to reinvigorate our natural occupation - farming in all ramifications - individuals and corporate bodies should also complement such efforts. This is the reason why Crown Feeds exists.

In addition to the fact that government should continue to provide enabling environment in terms of formulation of workable policies and creation of access to finance and facilities, there is also the need for an aggressive campaign programme nationwide to reignite Agricultural interest, especially in your youth who are today roaming the streets aimlessly.

Before the discovery of oil, it was Agriculture that was feedign the entire nation. During the time of chief Obafemi Awolowo, in the South West for instance, farm settlements were established everywhere. One recalls with nostaligic feeling, the popular Groundnut pyramids in the North, Cocoa business in the West and the palm oil boom in the Niger Delta and South East. There was healthy competition in the production of food and cash crops. Both subsistence and commercial farmers were living big. Not only did they take care of the nutritional demand of the populace, they contributed greatly to lifting the image of Nigeria globally through the export of farm produce and earning of foreign exchange.


...feeding the nation, boosting the economy.

About Us

Crown Feeds and Livestock Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria in the year 2000 to provide poultry products and services for consumers...
Our Social Responsibility

At Crown Feeds and Livestock, we believe part of our social responsibillty is to look after the environment. Hence, we commission the first of it type BioGas plant...