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We maintain a broad product range within the poultry farm business. With a well trained & equiped team of expatriates and Nigerians, Crown Feeds and Livestock is one of the largest farms in the country. Here are a few products currently on offer:

Commercial Table Eggs

Crown Feeds and Livestock Nigeria Ltd produces 100,000 eggs each day, approximately 3000 crates everyday which is sold to customers from all over Nigeria at wholesale prices. Our eggs are grade A quality eggs with brown shells and rich in nutrients.

Day Old Pullets

Our Hatchery produces 200,000 pullets every week which is sold to large scale and small scale farmers all over Nigeria. Some of the Farmers we sell to come from the Northern, Southern and Eastern parts of Nigeria.

Layers/Broilers Birds

Parent Stock Birds which are used to produce quality birds for a pure product line. We sell the day old chicks of these parent stock after their eggs are hatched

Feed Milling

Feed Mill Silos with 4000 Metric Ton capacity which is use to store more than 3 years supply of maize that is used for feeding our Birds and which is sold to other commercial farmers as Crown Feeds Nig Ltd produces top quality feed for its poultry. This same quality is sold to poultry farmers.

...feeding the nation, boosting the economy.

About Us

Crown Feeds and Livestock Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria in the year 2000 to provide poultry products and services for consumers...
Our Social Responsibility

At Crown Feeds and Livestock, we believe part of our social responsibillty is to look after the environment. Hence, we commission the first of it type BioGas plant...